When you purchase $30 or more at Piedimonte’s you will receive a discount of 4¢ per Litre only at BP North Fitzroy, 269 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy and BP Preston Corner 408 Bell Street and St Georges road, Preston.

Simply print your invoice and present to the above pertol stations. 

PIEDIMONTE’S PETROL Terms and Conditions

1.To receive a discount off the standard purchase price of fuel at participating Petrol Outlets, you must spend at least the qualifying amount (as advertised) in one transaction at Piedimonte’s  Supermarkets. In accordance with government legislation, cigarettes and tobacco products will not be calculated towards the qualifying spend amount.

2.The Fuel Discount you have qualified for is printed on your Piedimonte’s Docket.

3.Buy fuel and surrender the Discount Docket at the participating Petrol paypoint before your docket's expiry date to receive your discount fuel offer.

4.A limit applies of one fuel offer docket per customer transaction per vehicle for a fuel purchase of up to 100 litres.

5.Dockets that are damaged, defaced or altered or have passed their printed expiry date are not valid for any discount fuel offer.

6.Piedimonte’s Supermarkets may change, suspend or terminate the conditions of the fuel discount offer from time to time at their discretion.

7.This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

8.Piedimonte’s Fuel discount receipt valid at BP Preston and BP North Fitzroy for four weeks from date of issue.

9.The Fuel offer is available on the following fuels only: Unleaded, Premium, Ultimate. (Note: Diesel and LPG discount is 4c off the standard purchase price.)

10.This fuel discount offer is not valid when using a Motor Pass, Motor Charge, Fleet Card, BP Fuel Card or an AA Card.


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