Customer Feedback

-“I really appreciate this service as I am elderly and don't drive.”

-“Thank you enough for such wonderful service. My daughter Megan Evans is over the moon with the flowers and wine. Her little son loves the chocolates. Thanks to you at least she now knows we all care”

-“Thank you. Smooth operation”

-“So impressed with your delivery service.”

-“Thanks for this service. I'm now getting used to your system. Thanks again. As an Over 70s customer this is working for me.”

- "The fruit and veges I received a few days ago were delicious. "

-“You are doing a great job! Stay safe you guys and we look forward to seeing you and having our coffee upstairs with a donut and Friends.”

-“Thank you so much for organising Click and Collect so quickly.”

-“Keep up the great service in these challenging times when our kids tell us we should not go out!!”

-“Thank you for putting toilet paper back online!”

-“Excellent service last time - icecream and pastry sheets still frozen solid! Great getting message that order was on its way. Thank you so much in this lockdown time, you are a saviour.”

-“I'd just like to thank you for making this available. My husband and I are in our mid and late 70's and can't go to the shops.”

-“thank you for delivering!”

- “The fruit and veges I received a few days ago were delicious.”

-“First time ordering with you. Great website”

-“Thank you for providing this great service kind Regards”

-“ Very easy to use”

- “Very easy process - works well”

- "It was really, really great and I love how sustainable you are. Our family also loves how easy it is to get a spot and your delivery people are so, so nice! I would rate you a 10/10"

-“ It's great to see the local supermarket is accepting orders on line to help the locals during this tough time. Thanks to all the staff, great job.”

- “Website is easier to use than some. Thank you”

-“ Well done, system is very easy to use”

- “website seems easy to navigate. Lots of variety which is good”

- "I'm impressed by the high quality offerings at Piedemonte's. Thank you to everyone who is making this service possible, especially during this time. I really appreciate your efforts."

-"Hi Team, Just a quick thank you for the order today - much appreciated!!"


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VIC, Australia • 3068

Online Support Contact No: 0420742397 (Available Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm) |

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