Piedi's DIY Grazing Box

$39.99 each ($39.99 each 21)
Online Only Offer

Freshly Packed Upon Request Includes: 1 X Tasmanian Fruit Pastes Quince 1 X Green Acres Split Green Olives Marinated 1 X Tasmanian Heritage Double Brie Wedge 1 X San Marino Prosciutto 1 X San Marino Sopressa Mild Salami 1 X Chris Hummus Dip 1 X Chris Tzatziki Dip 1 X Mersey Valley Cheddar Cheese 1 X Romanella Bread Sticks Olive Oil and Rosemary 1 X Arnott’s Water Crackers Original 1 X Lindt Chocolate Excellence 70% Cocoa 250g X Strawberries 100g X Seedless Grapes Image depicts two images of the one product. Contents may be subject to change to similar products

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